Sport and Chiropractic are an ideal combination

For many years now, not only professional athletes, but also more and more amateur and recreational athletes from various disciplines have been taking advantage of the benefits of sports chiropractic.

The benefits of chiropractic in combination with sports are:

  • An increase in performance
  • Improved efficiency
  • Shorter recovery times
  • Prevention of injuries

This has been proven by studies, such as those conducted by New Zealand scientist Dr. H. Haavik.


Although when playing golf, for example, the general risk of injury is not very high, problems that are typically similar to those of racket sports do occur time and again. As a strong force is applied to the whole body when hitting the ball, overloading, imbalance and reduced performance can quickly occur.

A visit to a chiropractor helps to improve the mobility of the spine and to compensate for asymmetries and imbalances, in order to maintain or restore the optimal biomechanical functionality, neurological integrity and muscular balance of the athlete.

In my opinion, regular chiropractic adjustment is the basis for optimal biomechanical functionality, an intact and well-functioning nervous system and the free mobility of the spine.

In this way, the high motoric and coordinative performance and the muscular balance of athletes can be maintained or restored.

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