Our role as chiropractors

As experts for your health our focus is on your spine and nervous system.

We localise malfunctions and misalignments of the spine and correct them with targeted gentle impulses so that the nervous system can function without disturbance.

This leads to improved communication between brain and body and promotes self-healing in a natural way – without medication, without injections, without surgery.

Relevance of the symptoms

In contrast to conventional medicine, which usually treats diseases and symptoms, American chiropractic is primarily aimed at getting to the bottom of the cause.

Misalignments and malfunctions of the spine can irritate the nerves, cause pain, weaken the immune system and make it susceptible to disease, which in turn can affect the whole body through various symptoms (e.g. pain, numbness, tingling, tension).

Symptoms are not illnesses, but rather warning signals from your body for functional disorders, which have existed for some time.

For this reason, as a chiropractor I do not treat the symptoms, but rather deal with the root of the problem!


An adjustment is a targeted, gentle and quickly executed impulse, which restores the function of the spinal segment. The impulse is individually adapted to each patient.

Through the adjustment, disturbances in the nervous system are eliminated and the optimal function of the spinal column is restored, activating the self-healing powers of your body.

Professional chiropractic therefore has nothing to do with “straightening” or “manipulating”.



Then make regular chiropractic adjustments part of your life! They help to increase your mobility, performance and quality of life – for a long and healthy life!

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