Petra Häfliger


During my many years as a physiotherapist, I have always enjoyed helping my patients. Nevertheless, with time I became increasingly dissatisfied. With time I became more and more aware that the possibilities of conventional medicine are limited. I did not only want to react to symptoms, but to help people in a cause-related and long-term way. 

That is why it became my concern to go beyond the limitations of conventional medicine and achieve more. Passing the alternative practitioners examination gave me the opportunity to open up my practice of American Chiropractic after several years of extensive training.

In order to guarantee you the highest possible quality of treatment, I continue to take part in chiropractic seminars several times a year in Germany and abroad.

Chiropractic has become my vocation and philosophy of life. I regularly adjust my family and my staff. It is also very important to me to be well adjusted myself, because an optimally functioning nervous system is a prerequisite for good health and the development of one’s own capabilities.

Tess Kuhni




After experiencing Chiropractic care for myself as a young adult I was astonished at how Chiropractic care not only helped pain and symptoms but improved many aspects of my health from assisting with my hormone cycles, improved response to stress, better quality sleep and improved my posture. Chiropractic is more than a treatment for back and neck pain it has the power to improve all aspects of your health by allowing the body to do what it does best. Knowing firsthand how powerful Chiropractic could be, I was inspired to study Chiropractic myself. I completed 5 years of study in chiropractic science at Murdoch University in Australia.
Working for the last 9 years as a Chiropractor my passion is helping improve the health and well-being of you, the patient. I love to help you set your health goals, and work with you to not only achieve them but reach a level of health they did not expect. I believe everyone is unique, therefore I regularly attend Chiropractic courses to ensure that I am trained in a variety of different techniques so I can specifically tailor my patient’s care. I am committed to doing everything I can to help children, teenagers, and adults live their lives in the healthiest way possible.
I’m so excited to be a part of the team at Life and Health Chiropractic and look forward to helping you and your family become the healthiest version of yourselves!

Anna Brunner

Chiropractic assistant and reception

“Life is like a flower. It takes time, patience and care to make it blossom.”

I firmly believe that American chiropractic is the best way to make your life blossom!
As a chiropractic assistant I would like to support and accompany you on this path.

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